Segni Cromie Forme – Area Contesa International Gallery – Roma, Italy

Life in Color – Santa Teresa dei Maschi – Bari, Italy

Burned Collective Exhibition – Palazzo De Gregorio (Orsara di Puglia, FG, Italy).
Collective Exhibition – Palazzo Fornari Cerignola FG, Italy).
Collective Exhibition – Santa Teresa dei Maschi (Bari, Italy).
Collective Exhibition – Church of the Addolorata (Casamassima BA, Italy).
Arte nel Borgo (Casamassima BA, Italy).
Notti Sacre D’Arte International Exhibition (Bari, Italy).
Contraccademia Permanent Exhibition – Santa Teresa dei Maschi (Bari, Italy).

Collective Exhibition with Masters of Italian Neorealism: Guttuso, Guerricchio, Bibó (Bari, Italy).
Bibart Biennial International Exhibition (Bari, Italy).
Collective Exhibition – Santa Teresa dei Maschi (Bari, Italy).


Apulia Art Prize 2020 (Italy) Special Press Prize.

Notti Sacre d’Arte 2019 (Italy) Second Classified Conceptual Painting Section.
Notti Sacre d’Arte 2019 (Italy) Best Technique Award Conceptual Section.
“Conceived as spiritually linked to one’s own intimate. Elaborated in a contemporary and singular expressive key, tells the inner exodus towards the search for other and the search for the other. Good use of materials and shapes, intelligent and not casual.” Reason signed by Maestro Miguel Gomez.

Bibart Biennale 2018/19 (Italy) Winner Informal Painting Prize.

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