Marco Ciccarese (born 1979 in Italy) is known for raw and textural works. His artistic path is renewed when he perceives that classical painting and research in the scenic construction of figuration limit his expressive capacity.

Here is where his gesture becomes direct, daring, biting. He starts a dialogue between matter and spirituality by drawing on the darkest experience of his being a contemporary artist.

The aesthetics of destruction. No trace of the artist remains. The work appears in a silence that scratches inside the soul. Marco Ciccarese has developed a concrete language that goes beyond the limits of interpretation, to begin with an introspective relationship between work and spectator.

The proposed semantics does not live on signs or words. The beauty of the imperfect (Wabi Sabi) place Ciccarese’s works in an internal metaphysical universe. The emotions and the processes that regulate human mood become connected physical environments to one another.

The accident is a fundamental part of Ciccarese’s artistic process. Alternate phases of control and non-control over the evolution of the work. Cracks that bloom free the completion of physical phenomena. The human premise, the forces of universe that impose balance, space and time.

The work asks to establish a multisensory contact, stimulating the desire of the physicist contact. Contact with the most hidden part of the human soul.